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  •   Huayi Dyeing and Finishing Industrial Park was founded in 2002. It is situated in 88-1, West Changjiang Road, High-tech Development Zone, Hai'an County. Hai'an County is close to 204 State Road, 328 State Road, Yanhai Expressway, and Qiyang Expressway. Xinyi Railroad and Ningqi Railroad meets hear, Tongyang Canal and Lianshen Canal run through it. The company is easy of access.

    Huayi Direct-sale Store
    Huayi Gift Center

      The store was established in April 2013. It is situated in the west of Qianxi Bridge. The store area is more than 2,000 sq. m. It can be divided into 6 divisions...

      The center is situated in Anda Pedestrian Street Commerical Area, Shuguang Road, Hai'an County. It engages in distinctive decorations, bedding articles...

    Chinese handicraft printing and dyeing museum (planning)
    1979 Huayi art museum (planning)

      Chinese handicraft printing and dyeing museum is the first handicraft printing and dyeing technology themed museum of China...

      1979 Huayi art museum is situated in Huayi Fasion Creative Park. Main functions: arts and crafts, modern design, calligraphy and painting...

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